15+ Cool Android Wear concepts for Moto 360 UI

Google’s Android Wear have already aroused interests  on the capabilities of future smartwatches.  Tech enthusiasts are looking forward how Android Wear is going to revolutionize the wearable market.  Amidst many speculations, Google have been able to conquer the minds of researchers and developers with it’s smart vision. Continue reading →

Google’s Android Wear is an insanely late technology?

Android wear is touted as a new generation platform for wearables. But in reality, at least in the near future, Android Wear devices are just going to be a Google Now watch. If that is true, why was this delay from Google? Sony, Samsung, Pebble and more already have their own smartwatches. These products are already quite popular in the market. Is there a space for a new OS in the wearable market. Continue reading →

MIT’s Wi-Vi lets you See through the Walls using Wi-Fi signals

Remember superheroes scanning buildings using x-ray vision.  Those comic heroes could see through walls, boxes and even clothes. Among them, superman’s’ x-ray eyes were exceptional.  Thanks to MIT’s Wi-Vi technology, at least seeing through walls is soon to be a reality.  In the not too distant future, you will witness devices and smartphones capable of seeing through the walls. Continue reading →

Top NFC applications

Credit cards, movie tickets, train tickets and all similar passes are soon gonna disappear. Welcome Near Field Communication (NFC), the stylish wireless technique that could be already in your smartphone. NFC is predicted to be a de facto standard in  mobile payment technology. Hence, most of smartphone manufacturers are adopting it.  Continue reading →

How to enable and disable Developer options in Android Kitkat?

The last time I did Android programming was 3 years back.  Now, when I tried to install an app using ADB tool on my Moto G, I found that Android Developer Options was missing. I did a little search on internet and I understood since Jelly bean Google have hid the Developer Options. So, I thought I will share the procedure to enable the Developer Options in Android Kitkat devices. Continue reading →

Graphene: A Wireless Wonder

Graphene, an allotrope of carbon, have recently attracted the wireless researchers working in the communication field, owing to its typical electromagnetic and optical characteristics.  Graphene can be seen as a mono-atomic thick layer of graphite and have a two dimensional hexagonal structure. It exhibits a saturable absorption property at microwave and tetrahertz band. And, it is this property which makes Graphene a wonder wireless in the eyes of wireless research fellows. Continue reading →

NuWave Glasses: Hearing using bone conduction

NuWave glasses comes up as an alternative for the conventional hearing aid .A group of Virginia Tech students led by the Wireless Research Engineering Resource Center (RERC) unveiled NuWave glasses which aims to aid the hearing impaired. It uses bone conduction, the same technology employed in Google Glass. Continue reading →