Babies and Identical Twins fools iPhone X Face ID recognition

Since the day the face recognition feature on iphoneX was announced at the Apple event, people had already started scrutiny how efficiently and wisely can this identify a person and also whether it was a good move to replace the fingerprint senor with face ID. iPhone X Face ID  was touted out to be in par with Touch ID. However, the recent reviews and tests on the face ID does raise some serious concerns. Continue reading →

Mass roll out of Android Lollipop for Moto G India begins

Earlier part of the month December 2014, many sites had reported that Moto G first generation phones in India have started receiving Android 5.0 Lollipop update. Later, on further exploring, we realized that it was a mere soak test where some active Moto G owners, from the official Motorola forum, were chosen to get the update. Now, it is confirmed that finally Moto G  users, both 1st gen and 2nd gen, have started  obtaining the Android 5.0 Lollipop  update via OTA(Over-The-Air). Continue reading →

Industry Analyst Jeff Kagan about Holiday deals from telecom giants

Black Friday is considered as the biggest sale day and one could find insane deals on this day. Wireless and telecom industry is no different when it comes to insanity in the deals on the black friday. The wireless industry giants, ‘AT&T Mobility’, ‘T-Mobile’ and ‘Sprint’, have already come up with amazing deals on this holiday season while Verizon is yet to come up with offers. Continue reading →

Understanding Participatory Sensing !!!

Participatory sensing is not something new, but the term ‘Participatory Sensing’ has been coined about a few years back. It got slide into popularity when mobile phones started to be equipped with sensors. Now, almost everyone posses a smartphone and hence, it can be used to gather information of weather, environment, traffic and many other data. This data can be then used for systematic interpretation of the context. Continue reading →

Google’s Android Wear is an insanely late technology?

Android wear is touted as a new generation platform for wearables. But in reality, at least in the near future, Android Wear devices are just going to be a Google Now watch. If that is true, why was this delay from Google? Sony, Samsung, Pebble and more already have their own smartwatches. These products are already quite popular in the market. Is there a space for a new OS in the wearable market. Continue reading →