15+ Cool Android Wear concepts for Moto 360 UI

Google’s Android Wear have already aroused interests  on the capabilities of future smartwatches.  Tech enthusiasts are looking forward how Android Wear is going to revolutionize the wearable market.  Amidst many speculations, Google have been able to conquer the minds of researchers and developers with it’s smart vision.

Feed Notifier Concept for Google wear

A mock FEED NOTIFIER UI concept for Moto 360

It’s now almost affirmed that Moto 360 and other Android Wear gadgets are  not standalone devices. Hence, they will require an Android smartphone or tablet to perform. This is understandable as the low processing and computing power of these devices won’t support a full-fledged application to operate on itself.  As of now, it is to be assumed that they will serve as a notification screen occupied with Google Now.

But, these cons have not hindered the imagination of UI designers and developers. They have already come up with lot of user interface Android Wear concept designs on how some android apps will perform on these devices.

Let’s admit the fact that a large amount of  hype created by Android Wear is attributed to the cool pictures of Moto 360.  So, let us see some cool concepts for  Moto 360.

Top Android Wear concepts for Moto 360 UI follow below

( Some of the images below are animated GIFs. Please have patience till the page loads wholly )

Voice Search by Tobs | Source : Dribbble

Voice Search Android Wear Concept


Clock Android Wear  Concept by Ramotion | Source : Dribbble

Clock Android Wear Concept


Rotary Dialer by Niklas Rekola | Source : Dribbble

Rotary Dialer Android Wear Concept



Calculator Watch by Paul Macgregor | Source : Dribbble

Calculator Android Wear Concept

IMDB app UI by  Ayhan Bari | Source : Dribbble

Imdb Android Wear Concept moto 360


NetFlix by Caseyls | Source : DevianArt


SoundCloud UI by  Spovv | Source : Dribbble

Animated UI can be found here.

SoundCloud Android Wear

Train Schedule App on Moto 360 by  Unity | Source : Dribbble

Train Schedule Moto 360

Flappy Bird on Moto 360 by  Unity | Source : Dribbble


Flappy Bird Android Wear


Clean Weather app by  Unity | Source : Dribbble


Clean Weather app Android Wear


Ebay with Android Wear by  Noah Batterson | Source : Dribbble

Ebay app Android Wear



Speed Reading  Android Wear Concept by  Ryan Breault | Source : Dribbble

Speed Reading Android Wear


Facebook  Android Wear Concept by  Michal Galubinski | Source : Dribbble

Facebook Android Wear Concept


Application Concept by  Michal Galubinski | Source : Dribbble

Application Android Wear Concept


Calender  Concept by  Michal Galubinski | Source : Dribbble

Calender android wear Concept

Sporting a simple round design Moto 360 will certainly look more stunning if it is occupied with all the afore-mentioned concepts. If you know more cool Android wear UI concepts, please let us know by using the comment form below.


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