IJRWS – Call for Papers 2012

International Journal of Research in Wireless Systems (IJRWS) is a recent entry in the field of wireless journals. They have issued their first call for papers for the very first volume of IJRWS. It is an open access journal which will be peer reviewed. It will be available both in online format as well as in printed format.

The important information are given below.

Manuscript limit – 9 pages

Paper submission deadline – 15th November 2012

IJRWS site – www.ijrws.org

IJRWS – Call for Papers 2012

The scope of topics includes all aspects of wireless technology and interdisciplinary research topics from Electrical, Electronics and Computer engineering and Management.

Few topics are listed here:

  • Antenna designs
  • Broadband & Ultra-wide band wireless communications
  • Body centric communications
  • Modulation, coding and Channel Modeling
  • Detection and location estimation
  • Multi-user detection, Diversity techniques and equalization
  • Fading counter measures
  • Signal separation and interference rejection
  • Multimedia communications
  • DSP applications to wireless systems
  • Network architectures and protocols
  • Protocols performance evaluation
  • Wireless Sensor and Adhoc networks
  • Security, privacy, and authentication
  • Resource allocation
  • Interference management
  • Propagation in Buildings
  • RF Circuit Design
  • Radio Frequency Transceiver Design
  • Systems and services (e.g., Mobile satellites, WLANs, Microwave systems, etc)

For more details, visit their official site www.ijrws.org

PS : We are not responsible for the authenticity of the information or the genuine factor of the journal. However, the information provided above was taken from their site


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