NuWave Glasses: Hearing using bone conduction

NuWave glasses comes up as an alternative for the conventional hearing aid .A group of Virginia Tech students led by the Wireless Research Engineering Resource Center (RERC) unveiled NuWave glasses which aims to aid the hearing impaired. It uses bone conduction, the same technology employed in Google Glass.

NuWave glasses was developed as part of “Getting Wireless- Student Design Challenge 2013″ . For the past few years, the Georgia InsInstitute of Technology (Georgia Tech) and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) have incorporated this challenge to their spring curriculum.  The team behind NuWave Glasses consisted of Chelsey Pon, Lane Stith, Nellie Talbot and Peter Yoo, the undergraduate students of Virginia Tech.

Features of NuWave glasses


Now, let’s see the technology behind these NuWave Glasses. The device consisted of a light indicator, portable battery, microphone, bone conduction transducers and induction charging pad. You might have already heard about bone conduction provided you are aware of the design of Google glass. The transducers on the glass are positioned such that it will be near the temporal bones on placement and it will let sounds to travel to ears by translating sound waves to mechanical vibrations. The glasses also connect to the smartphone using BlueTooth and an app developed specifically for this.

Compared to the conventional hearing aids, NuWave Glasses will offer exceptional wearing comfort and is hoped to be lighter and cheaper than the normal hearing aids. They are also easy to handle and safer in design considering the light weight feature of them.


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  • lapat


    It has long been looking for that. I can not hear properly. I need it.
    I want to buy one. Which web shop is? International delivery.


    Sir I am a Govt. employee. my ears are completely closed by birth and i am using seimens bone conducter pocket model. I feel most inconvenient in my life. Further i am doing a most responsible post in Police Department. Hence i need the spectacle model as early as possible. I could not understand whether the product is in Market or yet in research stage. Please send reply.


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