How to enable and disable Developer options in Android Kitkat?

The last time I did Android programming was 3 years back.  Now, when I tried to install an app using ADB tool on my Moto G, I found that Android Developer Options was missing. I did a little search on internet and I understood since Jelly bean Google have hid the Developer Options. So, I thought I will share the procedure to enable the Developer Options in Android Kitkat devices. Continue reading →

Graphene: A Wireless Wonder

Graphene, an allotrope of carbon, have recently attracted the wireless researchers working in the communication field, owing to its typical electromagnetic and optical characteristics.  Graphene can be seen as a mono-atomic thick layer of graphite and have a two dimensional hexagonal structure. It exhibits a saturable absorption property at microwave and tetrahertz band. And, it is this property which makes Graphene a wonder wireless in the eyes of wireless research fellows. Continue reading →

Technology behind BUMPing

BUMP, the smartphone app for file-sharing have been rated as one of the top downloaded mobile apps of 2013. With Google’s recent procuring of the startup behind Bump, the Bump technologies, it’s again in limelight. If you have missed the news, read about it at “Google buys Bump“. Now, let us see the technology behind the working of Bump. Continue reading →

Google buys Bump

Bump, the makers of file sharing app Bump and photo sharing app Flock, has been acquired by Google. Both Google and the Bump officials have not disclosed the price. But, it’s rumored that Google have paid a whopping sum of $40 million for buying Bump. David Lieb, the CEO of Bump, announced the news about acquisition on the official blog of Bump. Continue reading →