Wireless Sensor Node

A wireless sensor node, also known as mote, is a device in Wireless Sensor Network, which consists of inbuilt sensors for monitoring various environmental as well as physical conditions. These devices are capable of sensing information, processing that sensed information and sending that processed data to neighbor nodes or some remote station(s). Continue reading →

IJRWS – Call for Papers 2012

BRIEF DESCRIPTION International Journal of Research in Wireless Systems (IJRWS) is a recent entry in the field of wireless journals. They have issued their first call for papers for the very first volume of IJRWS. It is an open access journal which will be peer reviewed. It will be available both in online format as well as in printed format. Continue reading →

Introduction to Wireless Sensor Network

Definition – Meaning of  Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) A wireless sensor network is a spatial distribution of devices which uses sensors to cooperatively monitor physical or environmental conditions and organizing the collected data to a centralized location through a wireless infrastructure. Commonly monitored parameters include temperature, pressure, vibration intensity, weather conditions, chemical concentrations, light intensity and body specific parameters. Continue reading →