Top 5 must have free Android Apps for your new Smartphone

Google play, the official repository of Android apps, have got more apps than Apple store. Each day, developer are launching hundreds of apps. And, it never ceases and hence each day Android market is witnessing new and better apps. From the million of apps available, not all are people’s favorites.


For every category showcased in Google Play store, there are thousands of options. I have done some filtering and here I present my list of essential free Android apps. Your new Android smartphone will have some pre-installed apps. So I am discussing here  the apps you should install once you have bought a new Android smartphone.

All of the links lead directly back to the Google Play Store, so you can download them immediately.


#1 Astro File Manager
Astro file manager is a free file explorer for your Android phone.  There are a lot of file explorer apps available. But, I believe this one is the best available in the free category. It allows you to help you view and organize files. It also allow you to integrate with cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

Download Link :

Astro File Manager

A Tip : Want to set custom ringtone? Astro File Manger can help you with it. Using it, just copy your favorite mp3 file to Ringtones folder. Now you can set it as ringtone for your phone.

#2 MX Player
MX player is the best way to enjoy movies on your Android smartphone. It have many features like volume boost , tapping gesture and hardware acceleration.  It is really like a VLC player alternative for  your Android phone. In addition to the features mentioned earlier, it also have got naive features like embedding subtitle and kids lock.

Download Link :

MX Player

#3 TrueCaller
TrueCaller is a really cool app. It helps in identifying the unknown caller, block unwanted calls and messages. It makes use of  a crowd powered pool of contacts, which is stored in the cloud servers.  True Caller  also have an integrated contact manager along with it. I am really impressed by the speed in which it retrieves the name of the caller. It help’s you identify the caller before you are answering. In short, it is reverse phone number lookup and gives you the name of the caller and his/her pic if available.  It also have got a website version. You are welcomed to try it at .

Download Link :

True Caller App

#4 WordWeb
Wordweb is a free offline dictionary and thesaurus for your Android phone or tablet.  The search and navigation is really quick and simple.  It also features spelling suggestion provision. You can also favorite words and can use as them as bookmarks.  It is a 28MB download and you will get access to 285,000 words, phrases and derived forms,  225,000 word sense definitions,  70,000 usage examples and  85,000 text pronunciations. It supports N. American, British, Australian and international English.

Download Link :

wordweb android app

#5 WiFi FTP
This is a must app if your Android phone doesn’t have a expandable memory (SD Card).  Nobody wish to carry the USB cable wherever you go so that they could transfer files from PC to mobile or vice versa. It is this that makes WiFi FTP app significant. It will turn your Android phone into a wireless FTP server and hence can be used to transfer files over wireless.

Download Link :

WiFi FTP app

An update :

As my friend Delbin have pointed out in his comment, you needn’t install #1 and #5 apps listed above. Instead, you could for ES File Manager app which have the features of both those apps. I was ignorant about that app. Thanks to Delbin for informing me the same.



I hope you enjoyed the listing.  If you want to suggest an app that should be added to this  must have list of free android apps, please use the comment form given below.


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