Introduction to Wireless Sensor Network

Definition – Meaning of  Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)

A wireless sensor network is a spatial distribution of devices which uses sensors to cooperatively monitor physical or environmental conditions and organizing the collected data to a centralized location through a wireless infrastructure. Commonly monitored parameters include temperature, pressure, vibration intensity, weather conditions, chemical concentrations, light intensity and body specific parameters.

wireless sensor network

More on Wireless Sensor Network

A wireless sensor network consists of  wireless sensor nodes or motes which can go from a dozen to thousands in number. Mostly, a sensor node will consist of a transducer, processing unit, transceiver (radio unit) and power source. Generally, these wireless sensor nodes are small, lightweight and portable. And, that implies, these has limited resources in terms of  energy, computational power and memory.  They are made in small physical size so that they can be easily embedded and since they are wireless, these nodes can be easily deployed. Due to it’s small physical size, they can be easily used for pervasive computing operations. Though small, they can provide powerful services in aggregated form.

Architecture of a Wireless Sensor Node

A wireless sensor node, also called mote, will consist of five subsystems, which are listed below.

  • Sensing Subsystem
  • Processing Subsystem
  • Memory Subsystem (optional)
  • Communication Subsystem
  • Power Subsystem

Prominent WSN Applications

The prime applications of wireless sensor network are listed below

  • Wildlife habitat Monitoring
  • Industrial Automation
  • Disaster Forecasting
  • Traffic  Monitoring
  • Military Applications
  • Weather condition Monitoring
  • Pollution Monitoring
  • Healthcare
  • Surveillance
  • Smartgrid
  • Monitoring of Monuments, Bridges and Dams


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  • Pravin Prashant

    Wireless sensor node is just like GPRS system and you can do anything (track) anything. It is quite cheaper and affordable for any type of service providers. I just want to ask are those wireless sensor nodes work without assistance(little assistance)?


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